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StockOcean | Invest Smarter with Insider Trading Insights

StockOcean | Invest Smarter with Insider Trading Insights

Elevate Your Portfolio with Institutional-Grade Data and Insider Tracking Tools, Now Accessible to Every Investor

StockOcean offers a one-stop shop place for stock screening based on trading from company insiders. We make use of SEC Form 4 and intelligence analytics built in-house. Our mission is to build greater transparency on public company ownership.

Key Features

  • Free to start
  • Real-time trading alerts (Insurance policy on your stock positions)
  • Cluster buying and selling analytics
  • Historical performance and analytics
  • Advanced search

Reliable Data Sourcing

Our data comes directly from the SEC website and is validated in-house. Did you know that company insiders (Management, Board Members, 10%+ owners) have intimate knowledge of operations, financial health, and future prospects, which inform their decisions to buy and sell? We want to provide the same knowledge to everyone to make more informed trading decisions.

Are you part of a public company with stock options? Get real-time alerts and updates when your executives are trading. Don’t listen to what they say, see what they do with their stocks. Get better informed on what to do with your stock options.

Published 28 Nov 2023