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Ripplevert | Ripple Price Tracker

I had to get into the hype of cryptocurrencies because of FOMO. Thinking of what I could do, I teamed up with of my friend, Mike who is a marketer, we decided to see what we could do with Ripple.

Here is the final link: Ripplevert Live Price Tracker

Finding a problem

We decided to work with Ripple because of the solid it has along with the potential for growth. Ripple currently has partnerships with very large corporations and financial institutions, which is a great sign of the health of Ripple. Some of the partners includes American Express, Santander, MoneyGram, UBS, RBC, …

Wanting to buy Ripple, we saw sites like Kraken, Bitstamp, Exmo, … but we found that we wanted a centralized place to see the prices of these exchanges in REAL-TIME.

Hence the launch of Ripplevert.

Building Ripplevert

From a technical standpoint, it wasn’t a hard website to build. We just leveraged the API’s each respective Ripple exchange gave us.

We decided to use Express + Node.js on the backend and React on the frontend. Why Express + Node.js? This is because I am most familar with this stack and I have no complaints! React was used on the frontend because honestly I think React is the perfect fit for this real-time update.

We decided to pull API data client-side in order to prevent rate limits a centralized backend server might encounter. Now there are two types of data streams we could pull from. Some exchanges only offered REST, so we had to use REST for those exchanges. For the other exchanges, they offered WebSocket which is amazing. We use WebSocket for those exchanges.

All in all, it took less than a week to build.

Next Steps

We would love to get some feedback from the community to see what we could add next. Here is our IndieHacker post. We would love to know what you think! Reach us at:

@steventsooo and  @moloneymike

Published 1 Feb 2018