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New blogging goals

Long time since the last time I’ve posted!

A lot has happened since I’ve last posted but more importantly, I am attempting to put some more time into blogging. Why? Well over these last two years since I’ve last put out a blog post. During those two years, I’ve learned so much about crafting production software I thought it would be a pity not to share.

I also found that it was hard to pick up these “advanced” software skills with regular Google searches. I felt like you had to have the experience building production software to get the knowledge. StackOverflow post while helpful (and I mean life saving) only lent help to answers for direct questions.

I’ve realized that you don’t know what you don’t know and it’s hard to pick up those resources quickly. I currently am working on many projects and I hope you, my audience are too.

That means time is of the essence. I have yet to find solid resources on just general advanced engineering quick tips on how to build great software. I mean there are probably thousands of books on this topic but I betcha they are hour long videos and long reads—something I don’t have time for.

There are also millions of tutorials out there about getting start with Swift or getting started with JavaScript or getting started with React, but there’s so much fluff out there nowadays it’s hard to sort between the good and bad. Especially since it’s hard to judge first hand if the resource will be good or not—you really have to be a few chapters in or a few hours in to get a sense. I don’t have time for that non-sense and you probably don’t too.

My goal here is to cut to the chase and be as straightforward with the tips and tutorials as possible.

Also, for months now, I’ve compiled a list of at 50 different topics I want to cover, which touches all facets of building production grade software. I just haven’t gotten the time to write about them. I realized like a MVP, you just got to put it out there. So there’s probably no good linear progression of topics I’m going to cover, it might just be “all over the place” if you will, but I hope you, the readers will be able to take something away. And I plan on keeping the blogs short, so even if it doesn’t pertain directly to you, you might learn something new and have a different perspective on things!

There’s also going to be opinionated pieces of how I view software based on my own personal experiences which I plan on talking about not to start flame wars, but for the readers to get different perspectives on things.

Constructive feedback is always welcomed and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you!

~ Steven

Published 6 Oct 2017