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I love making things, that bring me joy to my life. What also brings me joy is cars. I feel that cars are an extension of oneself. It combines so many things into one thing for me. It’s a piece of art. Every car has different lines and curves and each different shape tells a different story each with their unique personality. It is a technical marvel. A machine that holds up to years of wear and tear. Technical innovation built at super scales. And best of all, the feeling you get when you press on that accelerator.

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I’ve decided to blend my passion and profession into CarFigures. I wanted to build a niche website dedicated to what I believe is an overlooked aspect to motor enthusiasts like me. Sales numbers. I do enjoy reading 0-60 performance times of cars, braking distance, track times, quirks and features, and interior comforts of cars, but I built CarFigures to paint a different picture. How do cars fare out in the REAL-WORLD. Give me the cold hard facts. Is the car selling like hot-cakes or not? How does the C suite team view each car in their portfolio? To me, this paints a picture of where the automotive market is heading. I love this since it personally gives me clarity into the market and as a car-nut why automotive manufacturers ax cars and why they decide to pump out more of a specific vehicle. To give you some more perspective, one of the things that captured the US market in the last few years has been the rise of SUVs and the decline of sedans. I never understood why or saw the sales numbers to justify this. I was interested since I am a huge sedan fan myself and it was quickly becoming a dying breed. I’ve built CarFigures to other people who can do their research and come up with informed conclusions, from editors to car enthusiasts like myself. After building CarFigures, answering that question became very easy. Never before was I able to see insight as quickly as this. Just load up these webpages and you can see for yourself how staggering the numbers are. It makes so much sense from a business perspective why SUVs are winning the market compared to the sedans.

CarFigures SUV Sales
CarFigures Sedan Sales


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Published 27 Mar 2020